• Leatha Kingi

Simple Healing Rituals

Indigenous cultures all over the world had rituals and habits connected to the earth. Using plants for healing is an ancestral concept that many of us have lost or had stolen. There is new science being discovered all the time about how mother nature heals us - body, mind, and spirit. That science is catching up with the indigenous wisdom of our ancestors, who knew intuitively that Mother Earth held answers and healing.

Using these pure, potent essential oils** helps us recreate that connection with the earth. They are so powerful for healing journey because access to these beautiful oils makes it so easy for us to create habits and rituals.

Daily, consistent use of essential oils has magnified every other effort I have put into my healing - from affirmations, to yoga and meditation, to self care and more. The small rituals and habits I commit to every day have been the key to my growth and healing.

Some simple rituals to incorporate essential oils into your day:

  • Start your day with affirmations. As you repeat the affirmations, inhale an essential oil that you’ve applied to your palms or wrists.

  • Use oils on your daily commute. Committing to taking a moment at each red light or standstill to take a few deep, slow breaths, inhaling the oil you’ve applied to your wrists.

  • Create a ritual with oils and connect it to an existing ritual. Leave the oil next to your toothbrush or coffee mug - something you already do consistently.

  • Keep oils in the bathroom and use them on the shower floor or in a bath with Epsom salts, taking that time to check in with yourself. Imagine the water washing away what isn’t serving you.

  • Create a mid afternoon ritual of taking a minute to be alone and still, inhaling an oil and repeating an affirmation

  • DIffuse, diffuse, diffuse!! Consistently diffusing supports your physical and emotional wellness, as well as that of everyone around you.

  • Use essential oils in your skincare routine at night. As you apply the oils and for a minute afterwards, take that time to simply breathe and be still.

It's tempting to create healthy habits with significant, lengthy commitments. I've done that repeatedly - with good intentions, but fallen short and given up. Incorporating tiny habits builds self trust and heals self betrayal. For me, it has been far more effective and impactful to start small and build on it than to attempt a full scale revamp of my daily habits. Over the last several years I have created (and am continually developing) a rhythm and routine to my days that prioritizes my wellness and healing. Starting small was the catalyst for that for me.

Comment here or message me with your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!

*As with everything I share, I am not an expert. I am simply a woman on her own healing journey sharing my ever deepening and expanding Truth.

**My suggestions and recommendations are based on doTERRA essential oils. Here's why.


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