• Leatha Kingi

Kindness vs Niceness

I’ve never been much for politeness. I’m a New Yorker and a first generation Indian American - two cultures that aren’t known for their politeness, and by nature I am a very direct, straight forward person. This Tweet says it all. :)

I* even prided myself on not being very “nice.” I eventually came to realize that I definitely struggled with people pleasing, and engaged in many behaviors that were more nice than they were kind. Wondering where you fall? Consider the following possibilities: (The chart below isn't very mobile friendly - still figuring that out! So if you can, view on a computer or tablet to see all 3 columns)

In my experience, the key to developing kindness is developing it towards ourselves. However, this can be really difficult if we have spent our lives with a harsh inner critic and/or experienced trauma.

Essential oils are a powerful way to support rewiring our brains. If you find yourself leaning more towards the nice column than you’d like to, consider these self love affirmations combined with essential oils** as a way to practice kindness. As we expand in self kindness, kindness to others is a natural consequence.

Some of my favorite affirmations & essential oil combinations:

Bergamot - oil of self acceptance - “I accept myself.”

Rose - oil of divine love - “I am loved.”

Beautiful - oil of self respect - “I respect myself.”

Melissa - oil of light - “I am divine.”

Magnolia - oil of self compassion - “I love myself as I am.”

Lavender - oil of communication - “I am seen and heard.”

Self love is a balm of the best kind - one that heals not only self but has a ripple effect on the world.

Comment here or message me with your thoughts. I would love to hear from you!

*As with everything I share, I am not an expert. I am simply a woman on her own healing journey sharing my ever deepening and expanding Truth.

**My suggestions and recommendations are based on doTERRA essential oils. Here's why.


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