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“What about sustainability? Is dōTERRA gouging the earth to keep up with demand?”


“What about the farmers and distillers in developing nations? How are they actually benefiting from an American company on their soil?”

The answers lie in one brilliant initiative - dōTERRA’s Cō-Impact Sourcing












dōTERRA is committed to ethical and equitable business practices. At every single step in the supply chain - from the sustainability and impact on the earth, to the farmers, harvesters, distillers that partner with dōTERRA, to the communities in which oils are sourced, dōTERRA is focused on “sourcing the best and helping the most”. And while it can be described simply as “helping,” to me it is so much more. The work that dōTERRA does in disrupting these oppressive systems in developing nations that keep people in poverty is more than helping. It is partnership and respect. It is honoring human dignity. It is humbly recognizing that being born into privilege comes with a solemn obligation to help those with less. I use dōTERRA because I don’t want fillers and synthetics and contaminants in my oils. And because the purity and potency of dōTERRA oils are unmatched. And most of all because in using dōTERRA, the impact extends far beyond us to our global human family

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