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Let's talk about science,transparency, and experience. I used to be an analytical chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, and a natural skeptic. I started out thinking these oils were just pretty aromas with nothing much else to them. What changed my mind?

The science: Essential oils have been in use for a very long time. Every bottle of essential oil contains various constituents that can produce therapeutic effects by interacting with the cells in your body. They can influence the cell in a myriad of ways - and we are just beginning to understand the mechanisms by which they work. In the last decade, the number of studies involving essential oils has multiplied exponentially and is increasing all the time. dōTERRA is at the forefront of this research. They partner with academic and medical research institutions to learn more about the therapeutic impact of essential oils and implement the latest scientific advances. They have an excellent team of in-house scientists committed to conducting research and publishing peer-reviewed studies. They also have an experienced Medical Advisory Board made up of board certified physicians from around the world. 

The transparency: dōTERRA’s commitment to transparency is unparalleled in this industry. You can see here to see just how transparent - not only do they do more sophisticated and varied testing than any other oil company, you can even enter the lot number from your bottle of oil to see the test results for that exact batch of oil! Every single batch of oil and product is tested by third parties and undergoes dōTERRA’s rigorous quality standards, and if it doesn't meet those standards, they won’t sell it. Period. That commitment to purity and potency is why I use dōTERRA. The essential oil industry isn’t regulated. You need to be your own advocate and figure out who you trust. 


The experience: They work. I know this from the way the oils have enhanced our lives in hundreds of ways, and the testimonials I get to hear from my customers. Our quality of life has improved dramatically since we became a dōTERRA family. Using the oils connected me back to my intuition, to the earth,and to the generations of knowledge and tradition that came before me. Science is now catching up with and clarifying that indigenous wisdom, and I am so grateful for that. But the only thing I really needed to know was within me. Flooding my body with pure plant goodness merely connected me to my own knowing and understanding of how nature really does heal us.

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