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“Why multi level marketing? Isn’t that a pyramid scheme?”

Are you asking the question because, like me, you’ve had a bad experience? Maybe it was

  • being inundated with spam from people you haven’t spoken to in years about their must try product.

  • an invite to “come over, I’d love to see you” that ended up with you trying your best to escape a 2 hour spiel about the latest and greatest business opportunity.

  • or maybe it wasn't a specific experience but a general story about how icky MLMs can be.

I get it. 


The truth is, network marketing is an amazing way to teach people about great products. You get the kind of support you would never get buying something off the shelf. The problem, however, is that so many companies & so many reps have been doing it wrong.

dōTERRA gets it right. Did you know that over 85% of the 8 million+ people purchasing  dōTERRA are wholesale customers? They get the exact same discount I do, with zero obligation to build a business. This takes away that desperate incentive to push people into creating a business that they don’t want. They get to enjoy the products and the resulting improvement in their wellness without any pressure.


And if, as it happens, using the oils for yourself creates in you a deep desire to help lead others along the same path - I am here to help you create a business just like I did. But before that, it is my commitment to create a customer experience for you that you’d never get buying off the shelf. It is my honor and privilege to guide people in this journey, and I don’t take that lightly.

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