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Hi! I'm Leatha, the founder of Essentially Awake. I am on a lifelong healing journey, and if you've found me, perhaps you are too.

I am a healing guide, a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and an unschooling mom of 5.

This is a space for those waking up to the Truth of their own power. I'm glad you're here. I hope you find value and hope in connecting with me.

For as long as I could remember, I lived in a state of near constant agitation. I experienced anxious feelings, digestive and other health issues. My mind was constantly racing, day and night, and since I didn't know how to articulate what I was experiencing to my loving parents, I had no comparison point. I thought this was how all people dealt with the world. I battled depressive feelings all through my young adult years.


Me, age 3.

I got married. We found joy in becoming parents, but as we brought children into the world, it only served to magnify our issues. We had our own physical and mental problems and now we had to cope with little humans that had their own needs. His depressive feelings worsened and my anxious feelings heightened. The rifts between us grew deeper. I loved my children but I was angry, critical, impatient, and exhausted. It all seemed too much to bear.

After our 3rd child came, someone introduced me to dōTERRA essential oils. I thought they were lovely aromas, but I had no clue what value those little bottles actually contained, nor the ripple effect they would have in my life and in my family.

You  see, the simple act of using a drop of oil to support my son's skin, or my daughter's immune system, of dropping some oil in a diffuser and feeling my mood shift - that opened me up to other possibilities. If I could reclaim my power over my wellness, what other possibilities were there?

I embarked on a journey of self healing. I began to root out and process my trauma. Little by little, I created a new life for myself, I decided to make my own healing my highest priority. In the process I ended up getting a divorce and launching Essentially Awake. 

I prioritized healing my relationships with my children - in the deeply wounded state I had been in for so long, I had recreated some of those same wounds with my children. Being empowered at home to use simple, natural solutions helped me reclaim the power I had been giving away for most of my life. That energy rippled into every other sphere, and my life changed. I changed. I always knew it was possible, but it was simple steps that got me there. And sharing those simple steps to healing is my passion!!


With my oldest, 2006.

With my youngest, 2018.


Helping other people reclaim their power is my passion because of what it has done for me!  Whether you have been focused on your healing for a while, or if you are just now coming to the realization that healing our wounds is the real work we are put on this planet to do - the oils will supercharge that journey. They will amplify your ability to heal and to step into your own power. And if you’re ready to take that step, I would love to be the one to guide you. Thank you for being here.

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